We provide best-practices for Odoo, Git, and Subversion for decision-makers, users, administrators and developers.

Benefit from our long-standing experience in Open Source projects and insights in up-to-date developments in Open Source ERP, ALM, and SCM. We would be pleased to make you an individual offer tailored to your needs by request.

    Odoo Training


    Odoo • Image and Text

    The Basics

    Odoo open source ERP system overview                                                                                          

    Decision Guidance

    Is Odoo right for my organization?                                                                                          

    Requirements Analysis

    Opportunities and limitations, costs and benefits                             


    Managing bills with bank synchronization and invoicing                                                           

    Human Resources

    Using Odoo for managing human resources                                                                                          


    Inventory management in real-time                                                                                               


    Material Requirements Planning, Product Lifecycle  and Quality Management                     


    Using Odoo for purchasing purposes                                                         


    Sales Management and Customer Relationship Management                                                           


    Using Odoo for marketing purposes                                                            


    Material Resource Planning and Product Lifecycle Management for on-time delivery      


    Using Odoo for data analysis                                                           

      Application Lifecycle  Management Training  

      Configuration Management

      Configuration Management (CM) and open source tools  at a glance

      Project Automation

      Improve effectiveness and quality through project automation

      Continuous Delivery

      Agile infrastructure for agile teams

      Variant Management 

      Product lines in software development

      Git versus Subversion

      Comparison, Advantages and Disadvantages   

      Git Training


      Odoo • Text and Image

      ​​Version control with Git         

      Introduction to practical Git   


      All about migrating to Git                                         

      Using Subversion effectively with Git   

      How to use git-svn as a drop-in Subversion client


      Subversion Training


      Apache™ Subversion® Highlights

      Introduction into Subversion concepts and architecture                                                               

      Version control                      

      Introduction to practical Subversion                                                                                                       

      ​Configuration Management Patterns       

      Effective use of patterns for branching and merging, build and test management


      Administration and operation of Subversion installations                                                               

      Hook Skript Coding               

      Effective and efficient development of Subversion hook scripts                                         


      All about migrating to Subversion